Commerce and Business Administration

This two-year program is geared for future business executives. It will make you stand out from the crowd and provide you an advantage in the marketplace.

Our Future Ready employability program is designed to methodically create each of the aspects of your personal brand: your professional identity, experience, job-ready abilities, and networks, so you’ll be ready to jump right into your career when you graduate.

This one-of-a-kind multi-discipline certification combines the specialised knowledge of a Bachelor of Commerce with the flexibility of a Bachelor of Business Administration, allowing you to broaden your horizons. You’ve taken care of business as a team.

Your ability to think strategically is critical to your success. You’ll learn through gamified business simulations based on real-world scenarios, and you’ll have a better understanding of key business words and ideas, as well as how operations and finance choices help organizations. Because Microsoft certification is built into the curriculum, you’ll graduate with a strong foundation in the Microsoft applications that companies prefer.

Professional, technical, and cross-cultural abilities are required in today’s society. All of our lessons are based on the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives, and our intercultural communication module is meant to help students develop cultural awareness and communication skills that are essential in today’s global business. Enrolling in a Global Virtual Classroom, studying at our Rome Campus, or participating on an overseas study tour can all help you broaden your global experience.

Human resource management, accounting, and marketing are just a few of the majors that will lead to professional licensure. After that, you can either pursue minors that complement your major or enroll in any of the courses provided by the Peter Faber Business School or any other ACU faculty.